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Rodent Inspection

Signs of Mice and Rats in Your Blue Mountains Property

Signs Of Rats In Your Home

  • Droppings: along pathways,  around food sources and near shelter
  • Damaged items: of wood, plastic or paper, size of incisor teeth marks are about 3 mm; chew up cables and increase the risk of fires
  • Ripped packaged food
  • Noise: made by scratching in the walls, roof or under floor; gnawing, fighting or climbing especially at night when they are most active
  • Burrows, which may be built under decks and sheds or in the garden
  • Smudge or rub marks on walls, done by the rat rubbing its oiled and greased fur
  • Smell; the rat pass urine all the time, which gives off an ammonia-like smell, so that they can find their way back. Wet and dry urine will glow under ultraviolet light and therefore can be detected.
  • Nests; may be built in hidden and warm places

Signs of Mice In Your Home

  • smell: a distinct ‘stale’ odour
  • footprints: on areas of mouse passing will be easily noted on dusty or muddy surfaces
  • smear marks are marks of oil and dirt on areas that the mouse has crossed eg. walls, pipes
  • droppings about 5 mm long, rod shaped indicate a feeding place or shelter
  • damage to property: fresh gnawing surfaces are rough, size of incisor teeth marks are about 1mm; chew up cables and increase the risk of fires
  • spilled food from ripped package
  • tracks marked with urine, as mice pass urine continuously and droppings
  • nests; build in insulation or shredded material
  • mouse pathways are clear of cobweb

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